British Cycling Membership

As the club is now part of British Cycling, we have an offer that you may wish to take advantage of, this is free Bronze Membership for the first year. (Or a discount off another membership)

You can get this by joining British Cycling, citing Tavy Wheelers as the club and using the promotion code 'NEWCMRA' in the Promotional code box and then clicking 'Apply promotion' this will give you the discount equivalent to bronze membership.

See the web site for the membership benefits.

Note that you don't apply the code until the last page, it won't go in the box on the first page.

Other Club Benefits

  • We are members of the CTC which gives you access to affiliated membership 3rd party cover for only £16 per year.
  • As a club we are members of Cycling Time Trials
  • We regularly hold our own events and competitions, such as hill climbs and local circuits.
  • We strive to keep members aware of all relevant cycling events they may be interested in.
  • Access to technical advice from other club members (both amateur and professional)
  • Professional presentations - Last year Robin Brew gave an outstanding presentation on nutrition and cycling which has genuinely influenced the food planning of a number of members.
  • We have our summer barbecue
  • We support each other when we are on rides - there are many instances of Wheelers and 'Wheelers Wives' attending to give a lift home for broken bikes (and on occasion, broken cyclists)
  • Access to discounted club kit
  • Someone to ride with - it can be lonely out there and so easy to give up if there is no one to drag you along 'just a few more miles'
  • Holidays - both UK and Europe
  • Charity rides and our continued support for charity - ride with us and feel good about it!
  • First shout for entry transfers for events where members are not able to make the day.
  • Outstanding journalistic standards of ride reporting
  • Reciprocal club agreements to use facilities
  • ... and whatever else we can do to make riding more pleasurable, safer and more accessible.
  • Not forgetting of course, our Sunday rides to places you may not have explored before.