The club gets involved in all sorts of competitive activities. These Include;

Road Racing - The club has its own race team - Tavistock Wheelers - North Shore Gallery - you can keep up to date with their activities on their own dedicated web page and Facebook page.

Members of the club who aren't in the team also compete in a variety of local events such as circuit races, pursuits, time trials and hill climbs.

The club itself holds a number of competitive events across the year, these include;

Hill Climb - 10 minutes of agony up Merrivale to Princetown

25 Mile Time Trial - Tavistock to Sourton and back

10 Mile Time Trial - Along the new A30 to Broadwoodwidger (and back)

Chillaton 3 up Time Trial - 25 miles of cooperative effort

Wheelers Cyclocross at Kelly College

Strava Challenge

..and many more