We meet in Bedford Square at 0800 on a Sunday morning for a 3-4 hour ride, usually between 40 and 60 miles depending on terrain and with a cafe stop at around 1030 - 1100. (Note that in Winter, we will move to 0900 starts to avoid riders having to set off for the ride in the dark)

We aim to be back in Tavistock for around 1230 to 1pm.

We will cut the rides short (by mutual agreement) in the event of inclement weather.

Our cafe stops are decided on in advance for the forthcoming month and promulgated by our Club Rides Secretary to all Club Members, by email. The cafe stop dictates the direction that we will ride in. Favoured destinations include Holsworthy, Princetown and Dartmoor, Okehampton and beyond and if the weather is looking particularly kind, we will aim for Bude, or Crackington Haven.


We will normally (depending on numbers) have 4 groups on a Sunday. We are always looking for ride leaders to manage the group, control the pace and follow a route. When choosing which group to go in, remember that this is a club, not a race meet and your ride should be enjoyable, even fun. Having your heart try to beat its way out of your chest for 3 hours isn't what most people call fun, so take it easy and choose wisely, making use of the pace/distance guidelines for each group below. Bear in mind that these are guidelines and both pace and distance will vary across all groups depending on route, terrain and weather.

All groups, with the exception of the Elite group will avoid leaving anyone behind and regroup periodically as required.  The groups are self selecting, but we do ask that you consider the others in the group when making your choice. If people have to wait a long time for others to catch up, they get cold and fed up. If you are uncertain of which group to ride in ask the ride leader.

The groups are:

Social Group

Pace 11 - 12mph, distance 30 - 40 miles. This group is for riders who have just started with us and are building up their pace, or for those riders just out for a pleasant ride and some conversation (you don't have to ride like Froome to be in the Wheelers). You can still use this group to train if you want to, try beating everyone up the next hill, or letting them all set off before you and catching up. New riders should start here and be capable of this pace and distance. (Terrain and conditions permitting)

Intermediate Group

Pace 12 - 14mph, distance 40 - 50 miles. A more challenging ride than the Social Group, with fewer regroups, but well within the abilities of most regular reasonably fit cyclists. A bridge from the Social Group to the Tempo Group for those who are wanting to increase their pace and distance. 

Tempo Group

Pace 14 - 16mph, distance 45 - 55 miles. For those riders that want to hustle along or have ambitions to join the Elite Group, you should expect to be out of breath often in this group. There will be fewer regroups than with the Intermediate Group. 

Elite Group

Pace 16mph+, distance 50+ miles. These are mainly the Cat 3 and 4 racers, this group will generally be taking no prisoners. If you can still breathe when you have finished a ride in this group, then you weren't trying hard enough. This group will not wait, hence if you choose to go out with the Elite group, make sure that you are self sufficient and can find your own way home if you are unable to keep up. No riders under 16 please, unless we have already established that you can maintain the pace.